Shoot Green Piggy

The Angry Birds are fed up and they are out for revenge.  The Angry Birds are tired of being flung through the air and this time they mean business.  They have got themselves some sniper rifles and are on a mission to kill all of the Green Pigs.  In the Shoot Green Piggy first person shooter keep your Angry Bird hidden until you are ready to stand up and shoot the green pigs.  When you are ready to shoot stand up from behind the wall and use your sniper scope to zoom in on the green pigs.  Once you have got a green piggy in your sights use your mouse to aim and shoot.  But be careful that the green pigs don"t spot you.  Keep yourself hidden until your are absolutely ready to shoot.  Good luck and be sure to use your best shooting and sniper skills so you can survive the Shoot Green Piggy flash game.

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